Kritische Anmerkungen zur Bewertung des Tierwohls mittels Genotyp-Phänotyp-Beziehungen bei hochleistenden Milchrindern


  • Wilfried Brade Tierärztliche Hochschule (TiHo) Hannover, zur Zeit: FBN Dummerstorf




Critical comments on the evaluation of animal welfare by genotype-phenotype relationships in high yielding dairy cows

1. missing phenotypic correlations between the amount of milk yield and disease incidence are not evidence of a good animal welfare.

2. reliable statements on animal welfare require regular additional review of the animal component; corresponding computer programs are available (for example, VCE, special SAS applications).

3. the occurrence of many diseases is connected to a milk yield depression. The simple grouping cows according to the current level of performance (for example, the amount of milk yield in lactation) ultimately means that in different groups have a different morbidity may be. Related conclusions may be biased due to this confounding.

4. in milk production, the regular presence of genotype-environment correlations with respect to a characteristic (e.g., better genotypes obtained a better environment / feeding), and requires special attention, for example, in statistical analysis.

5. Very high milk yields require a highly qualified herd management. This is not regularly ensure in all herds. therefore high yielding  animals are not recommended for all environments.


Keywords: dairy cows, milk yield, diseases, animal welfare


Wilfried Brade, Tierärztliche Hochschule (TiHo) Hannover, zur Zeit: FBN Dummerstorf

Hochschullehrer, Professor für Tierzucht an der TiHo Hannover